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Our Story

Honing every detail for the last 40 years has resulted in our cookers being beautiful as well as functional.

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Cooking with an Everhot

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We are green

A desire to conserve energy has been at the heart of our philosophy ever since it inspired the invention of the first Everhot.

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Everhot Electric Stove

Perfect for any space needing additional heat and a stunning focal point

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Each Everhot is assembled by a single technician, whose skills are essential to the cooker’s performance and appearance.


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Behind the classic good looks you’ll find a modern, energy efficient heat storage range which is absolutely perfect for great cooking whilst gently warming your kitchen. Versatile and welcoming, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

An Everhot is the most energy efficient range cooker on the market, handmade in our carbon negative factory in the Cotswolds. Everhot electric range cookers are available in seven sizes to fit any kitchen design, and 21 stunning colours to perfectly complement your interior style. From bold, striking brights to charming, heritage tones. 

Customise your Everhot by size, colour and finish to add the perfect focal point to your kitchen. At Everhot, we combine British craftsmanship with energy-efficient engineering based on decades of heritage and innovation. The first Everhot was invented over 40 years ago at our 13th century Coaley Mill in Gloucestershire, where we are still based to this day. Our range cookers provide year-round, controllable warmth and comfort, and the perfect conditions in which to cook effortlessly using our radiant heat ovens .

An Everhot seamlessly combines 21st century technology with all the traditional features you'd expect from a heat storage cooker. The controllability, grill and the option to have a built in induction hob ensure that an Everhot will be the only cooker you need in your kitchen. A cozy, gently warming centrepiece that's become the cook's choice. 
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Everhot News

Everhot 160i

Introducing the Everhot 160i, the five-star powerhouse
Our largest ever range cooker features four ovens, two grills, double hot and simmer plates and a two zone induction hob. The natural evolution to our collection, offering space and versatility for home cooks whose lives, quite rightly, centre on the kitchen. Now available in our brand-new Fandango pink, as well as all 20 original colour choices. Make Everhot the heart of your home and welcome a 160i into the family.



Efficiency at the heart of what we do...  
The most energy efficient heat storage range cooker, becomes even more efficient! Everhot cookers have been the most efficient heat storage cookers available for over 40 years and, as a carbon negative company, we are always looking for ways to make our cookers more efficient. We are delighted to announce that we’ve made changes to the insulation and to our unique control system, saving up to 10% or our weekly running costs. Our cookers were designed to harness renewable energy, our trickle feed electric design seamlessly integrates with solar panels and renewables.


Everhot 120 in white