Back in 2019, renowned property expert and TV presenter, Sarah Beeny, and her husband Graham Swift, moved from London to Somerset to take on the biggest building project they have ever worked on.

This time it was their own home. Their challenge has been the focus of the second series of a Channel 4 program, entitled Sarah Beeny’s New Life in the Country. 

In the first series, Sarah and Graham began the process of rewilding the farm; introducing bees and hens to the land and replanting trees. This time around, they turned their attentions to the house, which is set on a 220 acre, semi derelict former dairy farm. It was their dream to turn it into a modern, stately home. Combining aesthetics and carbon-neutrality; tradition and modernity, old and new. So, what would be more fitting for their kitchen than an Everhot? Sarah chose the 150+ in Marine Blue and we wanted to quiz her all about it… 
Sarah and her Everhot 150+
We are incredibly honoured that you chose an Everhot for your New Life in the Country - what brought you to us?
“It started with a friend telling me how brilliant their Everhot was. It was helped by the fact that I really like the design of the square lids. Ultimately though the controllability and fact that it uses considerably less electricity to run than alternatives.” 
What have you found most satisfying about your Everhot?
“I love that I learn more every time I use it.  It is so very controllable, which is brilliant when you run a big family. I have to admit that there are quite often wellies upside down or football boots also drying on it. There is also someone generally sitting on it as it’s a joy to hang around on and is definitely the heart of our kitchen.”
What are you most enjoying cooking or baking in it? 
“I made some great brownies for Christmas!”
How did your Everhot choice, change or influence your kitchen design decisions? 
“The colour choices being so fantastic meant that I could really fulfil my bold colour dreams with our Everhot. And then I went a bit more neutral on the walls with bold dark wood parquet on the floor. Had it not been such a great colour we wouldn’t have done it this way around.”
Everhot 150+
Colour choice is one of the biggest decisions our customers grapple with. How did you come to your decision? 
“It was between the purple and blue - but I showed the lovely colour discs to our kids, and they all instantly agreed on the blue.”
Your Everhot is powered by solar panels, together with an air source heat pump for your radiators - could you tell us a little about the environmental decisions behind your house building design and how the Everhot fitted into these plans?
“I believe that you have to be very careful in making decisions about ‘being green’ as there is much ‘eco bling’ around. I have learnt SO MUCH building our home but mostly I realise it’s pretty simple when you break things down.
1. Build a structure that is really well insulated with no cold bridging and great thermal mass. That way you need less energy and what you do use you don’t waste.
2. Look at your habits. How does your family live - do you open the window at night in the winter or not?  Do you wear a jumper in the winter inside? Do you like a colder house? I worked out that how we live we wear lots of clothes in the winter and like a cooler house but I don’t like being cold.
“It really suited us to have a warm kitchen with a single source of constant heat - that is why we chose the Everhot. Then electric underfloor heating in the bathrooms, as those are rooms you want to be dry, and warm and electric enables it to be separately and easily controlled. Then we have open fires, so if you want to sit in a room a couple of logs will heat that room. Lastly should we ever need it we have a heating system run from an air source heat pump that heats radiators should we ever need them - the hot water is heated from that as well as electric immersions. All the electricity is created from solar panels and stored in a power wall battery. Without the Everhot in the kitchen, the whole plan would have been flawed.”
How would you sum up your experience with Everhot?
“Seamless - the fitters even turned up with floor protection to get it across the room. I can honestly say I would never have another cooker.”

Sarah Beeny and her Everhot 150+