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Sarah Beeny

Sarah Beeny

Back in 2019, renowned property expert and TV presenter, Sarah Beeny, and her husband Graham Swift, moved from London to Somerset to take on the biggest building project they have ever worked on.

This time it was their own home. Their challenge has been the focus of the second series of a Channel 4 program, entitled Sarah Beeny’s New Life in the Country. In the first series, Sarah and Graham began the process of rewilding the farm; introducing bees and hens to the land and replanting trees. This time around, they turned their attentions to the house, which is set on a 220 acre, semi derelict former dairy farm. 
“It really suited us to have a warm kitchen with a single source of constant heat - that is why we chose the Everhot. Without the Everhot in the kitchen, the whole plan would have been flawed.”
It was their dream to turn it into a modern, stately home. Combining aesthetics and carbon-neutrality; tradition and modernity, old and new. Sarah chose the 150+ in Marine Blue and we wanted to quiz her all about it… 

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Nigel Haworth

If you have never owned an Everhot cooker, then it may be difficult to comprehend how it felt for me.  A gleaming beast of a cooker, handmade in Dursley, Gloucestershire for over the last 40 years.

The excellence of the craftsmanship is clear to see, what more could you ask for as a lover of quality British produce?

The Everhot is so much more to our family than a cooker, it brings warmth to our farmhouse kitchen and we usually have a daily battle with the dog to get anywhere near it.  The Boost function is there to increase the temperature when needed, saving energy and time when you haven’t planned to be cooking, or those unexpected friends and family call around.

The solidity and practicality of the Everhot Cooker is second to none.   Behind the enamel doors the Everhot cooker offers you the comfort of tradition at its best, but full of the latest technology, touch screen controllability, eco mode and of course the latest in induction hobs, balancing perfectly with the traditional solid tops allowing me the to cook professional dishes in the comfort of my home. A technically brilliant cooker wrapped in a nostalgic blanket of tradition.

Sustainability and the environment are high on my agenda and Everhot meets them on every front. Handmade to order in a carbon negative factory, with a low environmental impact with 10,000 trees surrounding the 20-acre site. The eco mode allows you to set the cooker over a 7-day period to reduce heat and save on running costs. All of this with a simple 13amp plug, no hard wires, cooking made simple.

I hope you will enjoy your Everhot cooker as much as I do,  it makes cooking a daily joy.  Cook with comfort.

Ed Waghorn as featured in Grand designs

I think we might be the longest running Grand Designs. We started in 2005 and we are still at it!

We have had an Everhot cooker from Day One, and it has always been at the heart of the house.  We were inclined to build with materials that have not been hugely processed and are produced as locally as possible.

We originally chose Everhot because we had met both Guy and his father and believed them both to be highly competent engineers so the Everhot was bound to be a well thought through product.

We had an oil-fired Aga at our last house but we didn't want to continue on the fossil fuel route when there was the option of an electric Everhot.
We now have solar pv and buy our electricity from a renewables only supplier. We do a lot of cooking on the Everhot. From porridge for breakfast to Sunday roast, with bread, cakes and every other dish in between. It gets constant use. The Everhot makes the kitchen a warm and welcoming place, regularly leaned on and even sat on by the children. It is also used for drying and airing clothing and is especially good for drying wet shoes overnight.

In fact, we have three Everhots! We have an Everhot in our kitchen, an Everhot in my mother's house across the yard and we even have an Everhot in the DugOut, our quirky holiday let for visitors wanting to experience life on the hill. So, as well as everything else, visitors to the DugOut also get to experience the joy of using an Everhot.
If you’d like to see more on Ed and Rowena’s journey visit www.lifeonthehill.co.uk