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Products > EVERHOT 110 > EVERHOT 110+ > Everhot 110+ - Specification


Fuel Type
Electric – one 13 amp socket required.

No regular servicing is required – a saving against other brands.

Background Warmth
When operated at our recommended working temperatures, the EVERHOT 110+ will produce approximately 700W of heat.

Energy Consumption
The EVERHOT 110 Plus consumes approximately 100 units of power per week when using the recommended settings. Further savings can be obtained by using the ECO function.

* Recommended temperatures are normal cooking temperatures with ECO enabled between 9pm and 5am.


Cooking Area

Hot plate:  W344, D344mm
Simmer plate:  W344, D344mm
Top oven W395, H290, D440mm
Bottom oven: W395, H290, D440mm
Right oven: W395, H290, D440mm

Temperature Control

Hot plate: Maximum 350°C
Simmer plate: Maximum 250°C
Top oven Maximum 250°C
Bottom oven: Approx 120°C
Right oven:  Maximum 200°C

ECO Control
This functionality is now available as standard on all EVERHOT cookers. It provides a type of 'sleep' facility which allows the range to be dropped to a low temperature that can be pre-determined.

The ECO function can be entered manually through a button on the control box or can be controlled automatically via a simple timer function. We estimate the likely savings through regular overnight use to be around 15% of overall running costs.

In addition, whist in ECO mode, the cooker has a maximum load requirement of 2KW, this facility will particularly appeal to customers who use sustainable energy systems - wind, water, photovoltaic, etc.

Download a printable version of this installation guide