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Summary of Running Costs

The following shows the running costs of the 2014 specification AGA Dual Control and Total Control and Everhot 100i when left at cooking temperatures 24hrs/day.

Model Mode kWh/week Cost per week*
AGA DC Cooking (hotplates & ovens) 249.20 £34.80
AGA TC Cooking (hotplates & ovens) 226.1 £31.60
Everhot 100i Cooking (hotplates & ovens) Top oven 200 °C 91 £12.74
Everhot 100i Cooking (hotplates & ovens) Top oven 230 °C 100 £14.00

*at 14p/kWh


  • All models were as new factory models laboratory tested.
  • Each test was conducted over periods in excess of 48 hours to ensure accuracy.
  • Each test excluded any cooking with all doors and lids remaining closed throughout duration.
  • All cookers were allowed to reach temperature and stabilise for several hours before testing began (the energy required to initially heat each cooker is excluded from the running costs).
  • The Everhot tested was run at factory recommended settings. The AGA models do not have temperature control.
  • All testing was carried out in an independent test laboratory